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..get better performance with our true exceptional cable lines all designed and handrafted in EU...


>analogue >balanced >optilink >speaker
Our most affordable hi-fi cable line with much more than a hint of higher-end cable from black and ultimate line. Same conductors, just different construction that makes all the difference... well with all balanced set-ups where no filtering or sound coherence altering is needed. Great audiophile experience!
RRP from 35,- to 250,- Eur


>analogue >power >speaker
Heavy gauge cable line for great music impression. The only series with stranded conductors for bigger wire diameter... best in bigger hi-fi or home cinema systems or as fundamental power mains solution. Besides it is really beautiful.
RRP from 175,- to 450,- Eur


>analogue >balanced >mobile >connect >digital >USB >NET >speaker >link
Performance hi-fi cable line for real audiophiles. ImpedanceControl technology keeps signal flow steady even if cables is bended and NaturalFilter helps to reduce jitter and harmonic distortion... best with perfectly balanced hi-fi or high-end set-ups with great coherence and dynamics. True music performer!
RRP from 150,- to 600,- Eur


>analogue >balanced >AES/EBU >power >speaker
High coherence cable line for fast hi-fi and high-end systems. Complex design T3 multi-wire architecture. ImpedanceControl and NaturalFilter technology combined with 100% effective triple shielding creates great sounstage... micro-dynamics and almost perfect coherence makes real difference. Explore all the magic!
RRP from 500,- to 1200,- Eur

[ultimate black]

>analogue >balanced >digital >USB >power >speaker >link
Higher capacity high-end cable line for bigger systems. ImpedanceControl technology keeps signal flow steady and NaturalFilter with even stronger effect makes signal cleaner... best with high-end set-ups where higher gauge or certain level of filtering is needed.
RRP from 500,- to 1500,- Eur


>analogue >balanced >mobile >connect >digital >USB >NET >power >speaker >link
High-end cable line for experienced audiophiles. Ultra precise 7N Ohno Continuous Cast conductors combined with demagnetized insulation and perfect triple shielding with our ImpedanceControl technology speak for itself... 
..very natural sound with just enough dynamics for most high-end systems. More details will come soon...

Perfomance what we care most when developing audio cables and accessories. All our cables must perform better with well balanced systems than any competition that we know about in same price level.


..drives our effort to get best performance in the class. We co-operate with the best in field to develop new technologies and to enhance existing. Cost will never be most important when choosing parts.

Design always simple and funcional but never unimportant in all our cables. We do not want to use anything to cover our wire design as we are proud of it. Also our connectors not only sound the best but also look..!


..must be perfect, so we only work with the best in field. Best factories in the world for components are combined with best people to build the cables. Solid work will last..!

What Our Customers and Reviewers Say

Never thought there could be a difference in toslink optical cable, but it is! Most of the optical cables that I tried before was worse than cheap coaxial digital cable, but Cable4 Grey Optilink 1m for 40,- Eur is actually better than my 500,- Eur coaxial...

Adrian C.

When I connected Ultimate Power cable to my Furutech e-TP60E distribution box for power input as advised, I could not believe there will be such a difference. Even the box is unfiltered it worked better than any filter I tried and without loss in dynamics!

Robert R.
hifi specialist

I tried quite a few speaker cables with my Raidho speakers and Cable 4 Grey was the first I was OK with, but then I found Black and Superblack and difference was huge. Every higher model added dynamics, coherence and details You could never imagine.

Kristian M.

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